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Check Out 20 Awesome Face Tattoo Designs. A tattoo on your face will make it a point of attraction and people will look at it. We are going to introduce our readers with some other good examples of Awesome Face Tattoo Designs.

10 Fascinating Fairy Tattoo Designs

10 Fascinating Fairy Tattoo Designs

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS Finally a perfect wolf tattoo for my back. Exactly like this but with piercing blue or yellow eyes that stand out


i'm not really a fan of face tattoos but i love this one because it's telling people that tattoos are art and they really are. i hate when people say that things like tattoos aren't art, like do they know how much artistic skill and talent that takes?

Heavy build, broad,  muscular and brooding, but not scary

20 Face Tattoos We Actually Appreciate


Face tattoos are pretty aggressive, but the vest says "librarian".

“FACE POST” JOHNYUYI 201509 project art director: john john yuyi photographer: Chien-Wen Lin aka “Things i Lost" model: joanne baba aka “9m88”

johnyuyi: “ “FACE POST” JOHNYUYI 201509 project “FACE POST” 201509 art ddddirector john john yuyi photographerrrrr Chien-Wen Lin aka “Things i Lost" modelll joanne baba aka ”