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8.Edinburg Zoo,Edinburg,Scotland

At the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland, a pretty koala arrives from the land down under just in time for Valentine's Day! Alinga will join the other resident koalas at the zoo, two males named Goonaroo and Yabbra.

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These Two Koalas Prove How Awesome Female Friendships Are

☀Koala - Barwon Heads Wildlife Sanctuary - Victoria - Australia*:

In the southern parts of Australia a Koala’s fur is longer and shaggier than in the north, in order to keep them warm in the cold southern winters.

Beautiful Koalla :3

Koala named Orana at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo by Paula~Koala. Damn, they look like a teddybear

Hmm, chinchilla?  Nope.  Probably a kinkajou (sp?)

"Wombat - Native only to Australia, wombats are solitary, marsupials who feed mostly on grass and roots." That ain't a wombat! That's a possum!

I want a Koalafication pleaseeeee

Koala napping in a eucalyptus tree - Awww . the cuteness just melts you

Nur eine viertel Stunde...

Friday Things

a lioness sleeping peacefully in a tree in queen elizabeth national park, uganda photo: © on Foutard