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Autonomy versus doubt

Your baby's physical development will continue to make great strides during months 6 through Check out what to expect in the areas of growth, motor skill, and sensory development for this age.

Erik Erikson was an ego psychologist that patterned his theories after Freud. Erikson strongly felt that culture and society have an effect on the ego and that a struggle or conflict can begin. Erik Erikson designed a model of development that has 5 stages of psychosocial development that extend through childhood.

Natural learning stages children go through. Erik Erikson designed a model of development that has 5 stages of psychosocial development that extend through childhood.

Including a variety of play opportunities is crucial to early childhood development, and should be an evaluative tool for parents & educators when assessing childcare & school environments.

I was not aware that there were so many different types of play! We know how important play therapy is as a CLS. This is helpful chart of different types of play and examples to go along with it. Play Therapy - the healing path with children

Stages of Social-Emotional Development - Erik Erikson (Child Development Institute Parenting Today)

Know What To Expect! The 8 Stages Of Social Development In Children

Book: Ages and Stages: A Parent's Guide to Normal Childhood Development by Charles E.

Erik Erikson-Stages of Development | Pinned by Melissa K. Nicholson, LMSW www.adoptioncounselinggr.com

Erik Erikson-Stages of Development - Age Puberty

This chart shows how your child should be progressing.

Child Developmental Milestones Guide

Development Chart for Parents: I chose to pin this for a parent handout. I feel this is an easy to understand developmental chart and that parents could understand it.

Another table of PIaget's Theory that is simple to read and a good reminder for when we need to determine what stage a patient might be in. Piaget’s Theory about Stages of Cognitive Development

Piaget’s Theory about Stages of Cognitive Development: Implication to Teaching Young Learners

In our book we have learned about Piaget's stages. This pin shows the different stages: sensorymotor, preconcrete, concrete operational, and formal operational stages.

Stages of human development - Childhood

Stages of human development - Childhood

Babies Cognitive abililities -Jean Piagets four Stages of development

middle childhood- cognitive- labels what is developing cognitively in the age range of


Facts About the Importance of Play

When children play we often just think they're having fun, but research has shown that the benefits of play extend far beyond that in early childhood. Such a key resource in understanding the effects and benefits of play on early childhood development.