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And dean and Sam just have no clue what to do with him and he starts explaining to random people that Sam and dean aren’t his parents but they’re very nice but sometimes they like to kill things but no it’s okay they wouldn’t hurt you, I don’t think

I want an episode of Supernatural where Castiel gets turned into a toddler and West gets to play him except there isn't a script and it's just West running around in a tiny trench coat doing whatever he wants.

I ran to my room and broke down crying. Dean had never seen me cry so didn't think too much about it. He walked past my door and heard me crying. "Anna," he opened the door slowly, "I'm sorry. Really I am." I could tell Dean felt awful about what he said earlier, "I didn't mean any of what I said." He hugged me and tried to comfort me as best he could.

iPad stayed strong and held my ground through the argument but when he walked off I slid down the wall and cried.

Sam seeing 14 year old Dean from his height instead of his 10 year old height ❤❤❤

Supernatural: Sam has never seen 14 year old Dean from that angle before.

*director laughing in the distance*

Even Trump is offended by this

"Let me guess, yay big?Yes, I thought it was weird Dean mentioned anyone's shoes as a trait. This ship sails itself.

Wait is there a possibility that john took advantage of dean in a different and definitely illegal way?

[gifset] You will never convince me that John didn't abuse Dean. Look at his face. This is painful! Dark Side Of The Moon - Dean remembering what John did to him. Our poor baby Dean.

Dean, you son of a bitch

The funny thing is you don’t know who’s talking to who I could be Cas about Dean or Sam about Gabe