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that makes them seem so much deeper instead of just two stupid brothers

that makes them seem so much deeper instead of just two stupid brothers>> This makes me love the Italies more(especially Romano because I do the same with my family)

Disagree. There's a thing called Spamano. Have you heard of it? Cause I sure have. That ship sailed long ago.

I just imagine Spain using France's advice on Romano and failing badly, but Romano just calls him an idiot and they kiss or something anyway

piano man

They both know “Piano Man” by Billy Joel by heart. Prussia sings it all the time to annoy the hell out of Austria. Austria only sings it when he’s hopelessly drunk.

Prussia, Japan, and Romano - Hetalia<<< what is this? If Prussia was Germany and Italy's main person was Romano?

Please! We don't want him anymore! **Sad thing is that we are still stuck with him because america can't lose to Canada at hockey**

besides the fact that America can't play hockey for the life of him, I like it<<< Did you see the Canada vs America hockey games in the Olympics? They were intense! (We (Canadians) still won!

FACE Family :) what you don't see Canada? He's right behind England!

"Mahou Shoujo Mokushiroku" yaoi doujinshi by Omega (Hibino Tomoki & Shima Seiryuu), America x England + France, Axis Powers Hetalia

Nyotalia Sealand Sweden Finland Norway Iceland and Denmark

Hetalia 30 Minute you would cosplay as any of the nyotalia Nordics, except for Sweden.

Why does everyone else have red or orange hair while Arthur has blonde??? I dont get it!

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - The Kirkland brothers (≧∇≦)- England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales