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I just love little old Churches...I saw one once surrounded by destroyed houses & burnt land & the little white church sat there on the hill alone, completely untouched...awesome!

Abandoned home in Kingston, Indiana

Forest Chapel, Vermont. How ethereal would it be worship in a place like this? Imagine the energy from just the natural surroundings alone.

Saint Andrew Little Chapel, Guernsey.

# Saint Andrew "The Little Chapel", decorated by broken pieces of colored glass, in a rural part of Guernsey, Channel Islands (a British Crown dependency in the English Channel, off the coast of Normandy) ~ 17 Astonishing Photos That You must See

These old churches remind me of what makes this country great and how the pioneers made it across the

Abandoned The heavenly bright sun behind this abandoned church reminds me how time limited material things are. Even churches get old, but light is never lost.

I miss the old churches everywhere like this. A little weathered on the exterior, but full of character within. There is just something special about old country churches. It speaks of a simpler time I suppose.