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Os candidatos dos EUA no Facebook e Twitter. Obama de lavada se depender das mídias sociais. Fruto da continuidade de suas redes digitais. Não teve que reiniciar só dar continuidade e ampliar.

Who's Winning the Twitter and Facebook Presidential Election? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This site breaks down the election into different social media and cyber aspects and tells who did each one better. [4495]

Who's Winning the 2012 Social Media Election?

Who's Winning the 2012 Social Media Election? Take a look at how the Obama and Romney social media campaigns measured up this summer.

2012 Election: Email Habits Of The Presidential Candidates #INFOGRAPHIC

fundraising infographic & data Infographic: Comparing Barack Obama and mitt Romney's Email Programs. Infographic Description Infographic: Comparing B

A Brief History Of Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Brief History of Income Taxes Infographic. Topic: American taxpayer, US taxation.