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My Oatmeal Kisses: The Letter A Preschool Fun!

Today We Started Preschool ! We learned about the letter A. We started by reading My "A" Book By Jane Moncure This is an oldie but a goo.

Do you homeschool or do some supplemental learning at home with your preschooler? As you know we homeschool and our little Matthew, who is four, is learning his alphabet. We use these preschool let...

Preschool Letter Worksheets: Do a Dot Printable (E is for Eagle)

big hit with my boys. we started with the letter of the week and ended up daubing them all with them taking turns findind the remaining letters. great for phonics pratice

Free Full Alphabet Letter Identification Printables

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FREE Letter A Beginning Sounds cut and paste worksheet

Preschool Letter A

She has some GREAT and CHEAP activities....can't wait to go supply shopping at the dollar store! @samantha ray @amber  Shaffer @kimberly smith @astrid turner !!!!

lots of preschool activities. This would be cute with a little box of fruit loops, or fruity cheerios!

Preschool Busy Bag Swap

Preschool Busy Bag Swap

Yesterday we got to be part of a Busy Bag Swap with some of the other families in our homeschool community. I was really excited to see some first time homeschoolers come out and join us!

Fun activities that will keep toddlers quietly occupied

Fun activities that will keep toddlers quietly occupied