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Keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Stay open to learning new things, trying new things, and seeing things with a different perspective. When you're curious and willing to explore the world around you, you can find inspiration just about anywhere.

3 Memorable Gifts to Give Your Husband This Christmas

Gifts don't have to cost a lot of money. They're actually better when they're free. Here are 3 memorable gifts to give your husband this Christmas!

10 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE ___ Try more than what is asked of you. Take a time out. Do something new. Be open to criticism. Be a curious person. Notice details. Write down your ideas. Enjoy what you do. Hang out with other creative people. Don’t give up.

Facts You Probably Never Knew About Dreaming

Designs for secondary coverage: I love this because it incorporates a lot of information with just the right amount of visual elements. We could morph this into a really cool spread on virtually any topic.

Jak w prosty sposób wprowadzić w życie kilka nowych nawyków? (arkusz do pobrania) (Edyta Zając)