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Cottonball Kitty 8.46" - Finished Handmade Amigurumi Crochet

INFORMATION- This is a FINISHED and READY TO SHIP product.- It will be perfect decoration for your house, table and shelf or a baby shower gift or a present for someone you love- These photos

Even big Charizard's, Venusaur's and Blastoise's gotta start out as little tiny babies! Their only attack is CUTE! It's super effective!  Each pokemon is handcrafted with crochet thread and the tiniest steel crochet hook available. They measure only 0.7" high.

Kanto Region Baby Starter Mini Amigurumi Set "My heart has been touched after years of dormancy.", These make my heart sing.

Weeping Angeltopus!  https://www.etsy.com/listing/247241139/handmade-crochet-weeping-angel-octopus

Handmade crochet Weeping Angel octopus from Doctor Who

Crocheted Duck Doll!

From webbed feet to bill, this duck stands about six inches tall, and is made with a super-soft yarn, so hes totally huggable. Best of all, hell be shipped to you free of charge