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In 1998, Sister Sharon Euart broke bread with St. John Paul II. She and three others talked and enjoyed lunch with him at his home in Vatican City. Years later, she would have an opportunity to meet with Pope Benedict XVI as well. Someday, she hopes to meet Pope Francis. As executive director of the Resource Center for Religious Institutes in Silver Spring, Maryland; a former executive coordinator of the Canon Law Society of America in Washington, D.C.; and associate general secretary of the…

"For Sister Judy, that’s what Mercy is about—the warmth of presence, compassion and joy. Through small works of Mercy, we help others to come to know God better." #MercyIs #ThisIsMercy #SistersOfMercy

Meet Sister Michele Aronica, a Sister of Mercy for 35 years. She treasures her life as a Sister of Mercy: “I’ve been blessed with opportunities.” The mission of the sisters and the vision of their founder, Catherine McAuley, motivate her to be a conveyor of mercy not just to her work as a professor, but to all situations and people she encounters. #ThisIsMercy #SistersofMercy #Catholic #Nuns

"The year was 1966. After teaching at four different elementary schools in Omaha, Nebraska, Sister of Mercy Rosemary Ronk enrolled at Catholic University School of Social Service in Washington, D.C., to get a master’s degree in social work..." This is the first installment in our three-part blog series looking at the Civil Rights Movement.

Home is where the Old Bay is. Us Chesapeake Bay dwellers know one thing is for sure, it isnt Maryland without Old Bay. This hand-lettered 5 x 7

At one time it was not uncommon for two or more daughters from a single family to become religious sisters! The story below is condensed from an interview with Sister Mary Gemma Connelly, age 87, a retired educator who served as the first woman religious superintendent of schools in the Diocese of Portland, Maine. Her late sister, Sister Mary Michael—whose ministries included nursing, pharmaceutical work, and pastoral care—passed away in 2007 at age 83. #SistersofMercy #Catholic #Nuns…

Racism in all its forms contradicts Catholic Social Teaching, which calls for respect for the human dignity of every person. In the spirit of Catherine McAuley, we oppose racism and work to develop a multicultural perspective.

11) Today we can remember Catherine McAuley by her numerous kind works and by the good she did for the world.