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That's Just Cruel

That's Just Cruel

Funny pictures about This is just cruel. Oh, and cool pics about This is just cruel. Also, This is just cruel.

Hilarious How-to Guides

dustep, drum and bass, edm, trance, electro = LIFE lmao simple how to!

Funny pictures about iPhone adaptation. Oh, and cool pics about iPhone adaptation. Also, iPhone adaptation photos.

Why is this not a thing already?!

New Facebook update…

I wish half of these were true.particularly the status translator and Paperclip, but leave the baby pics alone.

I dont really kill spiders but as I let him go back outside...his hair did look smashing!

I HATE SPIDERS.but this is funny! I just tried to kill a spider with hairspray. He's still alive, but his hair looks outstanding.

It is the Foundation of Everything

It is the Foundation of Everything

Funny pictures about Maslow's Modern Hierarchy Of Needs. Oh, and cool pics about Maslow's Modern Hierarchy Of Needs. Also, Maslow's Modern Hierarchy Of Needs photos.

That Moment When #9179 - Mexican Problems

omg this is so true. everytime we went to grandmas house she had tins and tins and tins of these. and then she had empty tins used for storage of stuff lol - I actually ate some of those cookies! Then we saved the tin to put stuff in.

@Colette Hamlin I don't know why, but this made me laugh and I figured it would make you laugh too!

Get In My Mouth!

How I feel at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love food!

Dad lets his daughter be the wolf! :D

31 Of The Most Awesome Dads Ever

The Story Of "Little Red Riding Hood": My daughter wanted to me a wolf for Halloween, I decided to play along as a Little Red Riding Hood.

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I really have to poop. There's someone in the stall next to me, clearly waiting for me to leave so she can do the same. It's become a pooping standoff. This may be the most awkward moment of my life.