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[Star cast] BTS Dreaming Days, Chicago-cut for B Photos Revealed!

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NOW3: Suga - Album on Imgur

NOW3: Suga

Yoongi /// BTS /// Now 3 Dreaming Days /// such a happy beastie (♡●♡) xx


dirty sheets[yoonmin]-finished- - 10

Call me Vee. Genius Vee. Semi-Hiatus Me. : Photo

BTS Bangtan Boys "Suga" ~ I haven't become familiar with all of the bangtan boys yet, but his sweet face is unmistakable. ^_^ <--- dem arms thou

Adorable Yoongi ♥️

His smile just added ten years to my life. //BTS- his smile will be the death of me

『 BTS 』 Bangtan | Suga, Min, Yoongi |

I love that there are a lot of pictures of Suga with cute stuffed animals on his head lol

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Still missing his light hair (but the black is going strong still I'm so happy let his damn scalp resttt)

Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play. Live a life man. Good luck.

Reakcje BTS ≧﹏≦

Suga /// BTS /// Mic Drop /// I love him with a bandana (♡●♡) xx

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