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"To Buy" by newyorkdely on Polyvore

"To Buy" by newyorkdely on Polyvore

Michael deal de stijl: the art of an era. The artist used the De Stijl style in his design but has a more geometric feel than flat to the paper. -Design Elements

Diverse meubels van Gerrit Rietveld. De stoel is van 1918. De vormen zijn geometrisch en Rietveld heeft de basiskleuren (primaire kleuren) gebruikt. De stijl = De Stijl.

With a confident palette of primary colours the Anglepoise® + Paul Smith, Edition Three evokes the visual style of Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg’s De Stijl movement, which celebrates its centenary next year.

MULLER VAN SEVEREN on a diet of style and design... Showcased in art installation style at Interieur Kortrijk 2012, the duo cite Judd and Bauhaus as inspirations, but also display the influence of the De Stijl-ist artworks of Mondrian in 3D...


Gerrit Rietveld's Schroder House. Many argue that it is the only building fully realized in the De Stijl movement. Built in 1924.