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How to spend 7 weeks in Europe for cheap. Research, plan ahead, couch surf, hostels, pack lunch, overnight buses, centrally located places to stay, ATMs vs high exchange fees, walking, no alcohol, bargaining and negotiating, budget airlines, airline baggage policies, limit souvenirs.

How We Spent Less than $3,500 on 7 Weeks in Europe

Would you like to be able to shop in Akihabara, the “Electric Town” of Japan? Tokyo’s Akihabara is the major shopping area for electronic goods, where tourists from all over the world visit in search of new and unique gadgets. TOM members will choose selected items from Akihabara, so you can look forward to receiving Otaku Treasure Chest in the mail!

Otaku Treasure Chests From the “Electric Town”: Akihabara

大正6年から昭和25年までの日本の姿を収めた写真がネットで公開中 - GIGAZINE

A Japanese man in costume beats the drum as he leads a chindonya (a musical parade of men and women who are walking advertisements featuring placards for restaurants) through the streets of Tokyo, Japan, Feb. (AP Photo) Ref

Storm over Tokyo

Storm is coming Tokyo is one of those cities that look fantastic as storms approach. The city is so massive when when big dark clouds are approaching it gives a very futuristic look to the city.

Tokyo Travel Tips: 5 Things You Need In Japan

5 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing in Tokyo

Your vacation time is precious. Don't screw it up. Here are Top 5 Tokyo Travel Tips for not messing up your vacation to Japan.