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Valley acrylic ovocd7242diwht ovo signature 71 3/4 inch x 41 3/4 inch offset drop-in bathtub, white

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Valley Acrylic OVOCD7242DI OVO Signature 71 3/4 Inch x 41 3/4 Inch Offset Drop-In Bathtub The OVO acrylic drop in tub from Valley Acrylic is attractive, durable, functional and easy to install. Valley Acrylic tubs are built using a proprietary layering technology to reinforce and insulate the tubs far better than other tubs available today. The process starts with a heavy acrylic sheet with a resin and fiberglass mixture backing then a thick layer of real Canadian wood is applied to the tub which is then coated with another layer of the proprietary resin. This gives the tub better heat retention and insulation than other acrylic, gel coat, or steel tub products on the market while giving unparalleled strength and rigidity. The proprietary layered technology insulates the tub rather than absorbing heat from the water like cast iron which saves energy and water by retaining more heat and making the addition of hot water less frequent to maintain a warm bath. This size is longer than the standard width for residential tubs allowing additional space in the bath and frequently used for new construction or remodeling drop in applications. The heavy 1/8 Inch thick acrylic layer provides a high gloss surface that is scratch, fade, and crack resistant providing a clean and attractive appearance through the entire long life of the tub. The vibrant surface of the Acrylic tubs cleans up easily with mild soap and water, no scrubbing or harsh chemical cleaners required. This easy to clean nonporous acrylic surface resists the growth of mold, mildew and mineral deposits providing a safe and hygienic bathing fixture for your family. The OVO tub has a convenient end drain configuration and a 13 1/2 Inch water depth in the large rectangular interior. Valley Acrylic, a Woman Owned Business, creates hand made products that are eco-friendly and manufactured in a Certified Zero Waste factory in Mission, BC, Canada. Features: Easy to clean High-Gloss Acrylic surface for a brighter shine and better wear resistance Proprietary multi-layered construction provides better heat retention than gel-coat, acrylic capped ABS, or steel tubs This unique Tub design reduces flexing after installed and will provide many years of reliable service Saves energy and water by reducing the amount of hot water necessary to maintain bath warmth and will not cool off tub water when filled like cast iron The non-porous surface is mold and mildew resistant giving your family a safe and hygienic bathing fixture Valley Acrylic tubs are 2% heavier than the similar tubs of our competitors and feature a 1/8 Inch thick acrylic surface layer Valley drop in tubs are well supported on the bottom of the tub and the heavier, stronger construction makes them ideal for a drop in application Drop in tub offers a large bathing area and a clean deck mount option The OVO tub offers a large rectangular bathing area with a luxurious 17 Inch water depth Valley Acrylic is a Certified Woman Business that exemplifies Ecological Responsibility Quality inspection at each step in the manufacturing process assures a flawless product Proudly manufactured in Canada by experienced Artisans Twenty Year Limited Warranty Specifications: Water Capacity: 100 Gallons Weight: 74 lbs Dimensions: Length: 71 3/4 Inch Width: 41 3/4 Inch Height: 24 Inch Depth: 21 1/2 Inch Water Depth: 17 Inch Codes/Standards: CSA IAPMO ANSI Z124.1.2 CSA B24S1 CSA B45.5 Bottom Width: 47 Inch Bottom Front to Back: 29 1/4 Inch Drain Hole: 2 Inch Tub to Drain: 11 Inch