white daisies on black background with polka dots
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If you order more then one yard of the same fabric it will be cut as one consecutive piece up to 4 yards. If you need a continuous cut after 4 yards, you will need to let me know and we can help the best we can! :)
Black & White Daisies Fabric, Floral Fabric, 100% Cotton, Apparel fabric, Fabric by the yard, Accessories Fabric, Botanical-Garden
Make something nice and cute with this Black & White Daisies Apparel Fabric! It includes a black background with white and yellow daisy designs in two sizes. The daisies have rounded petals, a yellow center, and most of the designs overlap. Be creative and use your imagination to make something awesome and out of this world like cute apparel or some adorable accessories to go with it! Have fun!
100% Cotton
Note (Pictures taken w/ phone camera)
Note (2nd picture close up shot)
1/4yard= 44" x 9"
1/2yard= 44" x 18"
3/4yard= 44" x 27"
1yard= 44" x 36"
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