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Bucky & Daisy's Moody Adventures: Discover Eating Healthy (1)

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Would you like to take a look to improve your mood? By feeding your tummy and mind with delicious food? Bucky and Daisy come alive to teach the younger generation about health, wellness and nutrition. This is the first book of 'The Bucky & Daisy's Moody Adventures Book Collection' where Bucky & Daisy discover the importance of eating healthy. As with most children, Bucky and Daisy love to play - but while playing they discover that their moods changed suddenly one day. Their parents introduce them to their new friend - Sara Tonin! Their adventures continue as they discover eating healthy and colorful will change their mood. Included in this book are animation meets reality recipes and a bonus parent's corner of three healthy kid-friendly recipes. Wait until you see what you can put into an ice cream cone! The second book - 'Bucky & Daisy's Mood Adventures Discover Exercise' will be released in the Summer of 2019. Enjoy this fun, easy reader and educational book from Donna the Wellness Builder - Assisting all generations to live a great quality of life! | Author: Donna Fatigato| Publisher: Younique Lifelong Fitness| Publication Date: Apr 16, 2019| Number of Pages: 28 pages| Language: English| Binding: Paperback| ISBN-10: 1733941517| ISBN-13: 9781733941518
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