there is a sandwich that has been cut in half with a knife on the cutting board


MW Polar on Instagram: "Tuna Melt 🐟🧀🥪 Celebrate National Sandwich Day with a Tuna Melt! Melting, cheesy, gooey, salty, sharp, creamy, and delicious Tuna Melt! #nationalsandwichday ✔️TIP: Find yourself a zero-vegetable-broth can of Tuna, why? Cuz it distracts the natural flavor of tuna! 📌SAVE FOR LATER - follow @mwpolar 🏠🍳 Try this recipe at home 📢Post it and TAG us at @mwpolar & hashtag #stable2table to share with us! Ingredients: - 12 oz Polar Chunk Light Tuna in Water (🔗Link in…


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