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jeans dress 'dokjurk', loose fit, A-line shape: MADE TO ORDER

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Jeans dress design inspired on workers clothing,
made of recycled jeans and perfectly finished with vintage linen.
Halter top-front with adjustable shoulder/backcrossings.
Can wear it with or without a belt on hip hight or at waist height. Just play with it,
perfect dress to wear when summers arrive,
The mini dress has a loose fit and will be made to order.
That means that we use different jeans then shown here, so the look of the dress depends on the kind of jeans I use. Brand and color and size will define the final dress.
Before ordering consult Pepa for a custom made dress.
Some extra measurements come in handy:
Breast, hips, and waist circumcise
Your normal dress size.
Check also the picture with guidelines for complement measurements.
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