Part of Kirsten Corner’s Signature Line, this one-of-a-kind pair of drop earrings glow with a honey-colored amber hue that comes to life in both the 18k gold tops and the chalcedony gemstone torpedos that dangle below them. We found these vintage earring tops and admired their Etruscan Revival granulation—tiny gold balls arranged in a geometric floral pattern and matching border around the earrings’ circumference. We selected long, elegant chalcedony torpedos—dyed the perfect shade of amber to compliment the lovely 18k gold—and added them to create a unique pair of earrings that are sleek and contemporary, yet with the beauty of the Etruscan Revival motifs found in the Victorian era. The earrings measure 2 1/4” inches. The top circles are 5/16” and the chalcedony torpedos are 1 3/4”. Combi Floral, Earrings, Hue, Gold Top, Chalcedony Gemstones, Jewelry Earrings Dangle, Jewelry Earrings, Drop Earrings, Dangle Earrings