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Let Our Hearts be Full of Thanks and Giving Rainbow Heart Thanksgiving Square Shaped Tiered Tray Hardboard Ornament Decor

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Display these adorable signs on your tiered tray to brighten up your space! Prop these up, no need to hang. Works great propped up! These also make great gifts!
Sign Details-----The props in the picture are not included
4X4" SQUARE MDF Board (Hardboard)
This Item is made to be be propped up. There is no hardware needed or included. These signs are made by us in house, they are custom printed directly on the hardboard and are not made using vinyl or paint so the image will not come off. This Square tag will be a great addition to your tiered tray and is perfect for dressing up any tiered tray for the entire year and is very versatile! Give as a gift or keep for yourself.
Want something custom created?? We would love to help you dress up your tiered tray with any design ideas you have in mind.
If you have any questions or would like a custom order, please contact us.
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