a living room with two couches and a round rug
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Round Rug/rug/handmade Rug/carpet/wool Rug/alfombra/teppich/tapis/ковер/tappeto/tæppe/mattateppe/地毯/カーペット - Etsy

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Available VARIATIONS of diameters to determine shipping costs:
1. 60 cm = 24 in
2. 70 cm = 28 in
3. 80 cm = 31 in
4. 90 cm = 35 in
5. 100 cm = 40 in
6. 110 cm = 43 in
7. 120 cm = 47 in
8. 130 cm = 51 in
9. 140 cm = 55 in
10. 150 cm = 59 in
11. 160 cm = 63 in
12. 170 cm = 67 in
13. 180 cm = 71 in
14. 190 cm = 75 in
15. 200 cm = 79 in
16. 210 cm = 82 in
17. 220 cm = 86 in
18. 230 cm = 90 in
19. 240 cm = 94 in
20. 250 cm = 98 in
other - let me know
Handmade, stylish, modern rug available in many color variations and sizes. It perfectly match any type of interior.
Perfect floor decoration in your bedroom, living room, corridor, hallway, library, and even office or any other room in your home.
A great addition to any kids bedroom, play area or nursery.
It will be a great complement to the interior decorated in Scandinavian style, classical and modern.
It is thick, sturdy and soft to the touch.
It is a unique opportunity to have handmade, ecological and a warm rug. It is perfect for those who love organic materials in their home. We use only organic materials.
Handmade rug. Rug made of a natural, organic sheep's wool. The rug is soft, very warm, very durable, does not pilling. The rug will serve you for many years. The advantage of wool rugs is that they do not absorb dirt. Most of the dust and dirt remains on their surface and can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner.
Wool used for the production of my rugs comes from a small mountain spinning mill. Most of the work on its production is done by hand.
Natural, non-dyed wool occurs in the following colors: off-white, silver / light gray, graphite / dark gray, black, beige, brown.
Other colors are created in my studio. I dye wool myself using organic dyes and fixatives.
I am able to make almost any color.
About 10-12 mm
• Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner
• Products made of dyed wool - dry cleaning.
• Products made of non-dyed wool - dry cleaning or washing in water (very gently).
• Note - wool does not like hot water, as well as very cold - both the one and the other case it loses the natural, unkempt. Wash wool products the best in warm, just 30C (86F) water, rinse - the same temperature.
• Do not tumble dry. Lightly spin or the water from the product to flow out naturally. Dried in lying positions, so that they maintain their shape.
If you are looking for a rug in other size, colors or pattern please do not hesitate to contact me.
I would be very happy to make original rug designed and prepared especially to your interior.
- thick
- material: 100% wool
- execution: manual method of crocheting
- the product is safe for children, adults and pets
- made in EU in a place free from pets and tobacco smoke
- organic and ecological
- original pattern
- made of natural materials
- not pilling
- easy to keep it clean
- warm
- soft
- durable
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
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