an old wooden desk with drawers on it
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Victorian Style Walnut Cylinder Secretary Desk

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All original Victorian Cabinet made of a mix of walnut and burl wood. The Longer you look at the piece, the more details you continue to notice. It has a unique cylinder style roll desk cover, along with a shelf that can be pulled out just like a secretary. It rolls very smooth and easy. The shelf has some green velvet inside it to add to the decor and comfort. The outer shell of the cylinder has a beautiful burl wood encasing.The top two cabinet doors are made of hand blown glass that is original to the piece.The glass is in perfect condition and has some slight indents/ wavy-ness from when it was made (not damage or cracks). The piece comes with its original key as shown. The shelves on the upper cabinet are adjustable,with many many options for choice of height and separation. All of the drawers are put together with dovetail pegs and all of the drawer handles are original. On the back the original manufacturer sticker is still apparent reading" Olbrich & Golbeck, Chicago". All of the finish looks to be original in great shape, and the wood is extremely healthy. It has always been a centerpiece of each home its been in and cared for as such. The piece can come apart for transport. It measures 29L x 24W x 95H. less
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