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The social experience of design stories and collections. Every object or space has a story to tell.

The Folding Lamp is conceived by Thomas Hick. The ultimate shape of the lamp depends on the order in which you create your folds, giving you creative control over the result. The folding lamp is a Belgian design product.

this is why i watch big bang theory .

Penny: "Hey Sheldon" Sheldon: "What can I do for you ladies?" Penny: "You have something we want" Sheldon: "Oh dear. My mother warned me this is what happened to pretty boys in the big city." - The Big Bang Theory

Best Gus Nicknames (: #psych

Best Gus Nicknames (: - the ellipsis is a series of clicks - requires delivery, though. <<< You know you're a true Psych fan when you recognize almost every one of these.