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an empty room with clothes hanging on racks
a woman walking up the stairs in front of a tree and some trees with leaves on it
Urban oasis "TURISMO VIRTUAL" by Raquel Gonzalez
an architectural drawing of a building with people walking around it and trees in the background
the cover of it's a library but it could be anything
The Fabulous Super-Library
The Fabulous Super-Library on Behance
three different views of a house with blue and white drawings on the front, side and back
Embracing Dichotomy - Harvard Graduate School of Design
an orange and white diagram shows the inside of a building with people standing in it
Monochromatic axonometric
people are standing on the sidewalk near tall buildings
several people are walking in the middle of an empty area with red and white text
5th Year Architecture Portfolio
an architectural diagram shows the various areas in which people are walking, sitting and standing