I like this piece because it is created from the process of making the piece so it has elements of it being unfinished while still being delicate and beautiful.

// Beautiful patterns created by Sue Brown printmaker - etchings

Sue Brown, enamelled steel concertina book (pintar por arriba para que quede la forma)

I seem to be getting the year off to a swift start and spent the last few days cutting and enamelling steel to make this concertina book ab.

i like this peice because sue brown has kept it simple but interesting i like this one because its bold and the birds are kept very simple.

The composition of this piece Is top heavy and simple, however Sue brown allows the texture of the rolled paper surface to give more interest to the piece.

This is one of my favourite Sue Brown pieces as it shows a full piece, not just sections.

Book made by Sue Brown to reflect her experiences while researching in the Entomology Department at the Museum of Natural History.

The colours in this draw the eye to the birds to balance out the detail of the bird house because, without the colour, the eye would be drawn to the bird house and the detail of the birds would be overlooked.

The birds stand out with the pop of colour which amplifies the delicate design and texture of their feathers.

Sue Brown - The Bargain

-blackbirds swam the skies, dropping endearing trinkets into my waiting hands:ceeanne.image by Sue Brown - The Bargain.