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a painting of a person covering their face with his hands and screaming at the viewer
Echoes of the Void
Dive into the depths of "Echoes of the Void," a powerful expressionist piece that vividly portrays the human psyche's tumult. Witness the swirling chaos and raw emotion in this thought-provoking work of art. A must-have for any collector! #Expressionism #SoulArt #ModernArt #ArtGallery #EmotionalArt #ProfoundArt 🌪️👁️🎨
a painting of a white cow with horns on it's head standing in front of a red background
नन्दी महाराज
a painting of a bull with long horns on it's head and a person in the background
a painting of people on boats in the water
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Amit BHAR ~ Spiritual Touch ✿
a painting of a hand holding a golden object
Amit BHAR ~ Spiritual Touch ✿
Amit BHAR ~ Spiritual Touch ✿ | Catherine La Rose ~ The Poet of Painting
an artistic painting depicting the face of a woman with her eyes closed and nose painted red
a painting of a woman wearing a white sari and holding her hand on her shoulder
a painting of a woman sitting on the ground next to a white swan in water
Why Ravi Varma was more successful than his more skillful contemporaries