delia creates: Glow in the Dark Photography Fun...with kids! (with all the shutter settings, etc)

Kelvin Bernard's Kristy: Double Take - Using "Bulb" Shutter Setting And Two Strobe Exposures

Excellent illustrated article about how your Aperture setting affects your photos by changing the depth of field (how much is in focus or blurred).

Tools of trade: Camera: Canon EOS 7D Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 UMS Flashlight: no flashlight Settings: Aperature: 1.4 Shutter speed: 1/500 Sec ISO: 100 focal length: 50mm Editor: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.3 Place: My Home ( Germany ) Sebastian shoes

I made this image in January of this year. Although it is a strong image in color (there is a lot of blue in it), I like the black & white version too. It was more or less a lucky shot. After a day of photographing, the dusk set in. I was actually a bit of struggeling what to do with aperature as I shot this one. The motion & movement in it is perfect! Title of the album: Hsh, Hsh.

This accuratley portrays shallow depth of field because the aperature was most likley set to a wide open to set the focal point on the front strawberries and then was able to blur the background ones to show contrast. The positiong of the closest strawberries being in focus brings your attention to them rather than the same strawberries out of focus behind them.

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