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SCORE Infographic: How Can Technology Help My Small Business?

Mobile tech is everywhere, but is your website mobile responsive? Confused about CRMs?" Great tips in this infographic: How Can Technology Help My Small Business? from SCORE


The interrelated trends around miniaturization and portability, wireless communications, power-efficient computing and advanced display technologies have come together to create the smart devices of today.

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Online Advertising Technology ~ Online advertising is big business and being up to date on all the current technologies and trends is key for any business to have a successful online marketing and advertising campaign.


Americans' appetite for mobile health technologies is increasing annually, with many using an app to track fitness and health goals. Healthcare providers utilize apps that offer the ability to diagnose and treat patients almost anywhere.

19 Technologies Which Generation Z Wouldn’t Recognise #Infographic #Business #Technology

We've gathered 19 technologies most of Generation Z would struggle to recognise. See how many of these legacy technologies you can recognise.