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Om Namah Shivaya

Shortcoming: Enlightenment As A Personal Quest (i. Superseded By: Ganesha (No 'Self' Control).

Durga and her assistants, the Matrikas, wound the demon Raktabija, in an attempt to destroy him. They soon find that they have worsened the situation for with every drop of blood that is dripped from Raktabija he reproduces a clone of himself. The battlefield becomes increasingly filled with his duplicates. Durga, in need of help, summons Kāli to combat the demons. It is said, in some versions, that Goddess Durga actually assumes the form of Goddess Kāli at this time.

Durga Kali Namaha- Goddess Durga projecting Goddess Kali on a battle field from her eye

Giant idol of Hindu God 'Ganesha' made entirely of pineapple has an interesting symbol.


Today is Shami Gauri Vratham.This Vrat is observed in Ashada Masam. Worshipping the divine couple Parvati Parameshwara brings lot of happiness and prosperity in life. By performing this Vrat, devotees achieve happiness in marriage and harmony in life.

Kali dancing the dance of illusion under the universal skies of infinity. I am struck by how uncomfortable expections are when not met by those we love, material yearnings and even the universe at times. These Expectaions are very minisual in the after life. I was once the brunt of some very spiteful actions from a family memeber and it has caused alot of pain. So now to release into a compassionate place, to rememeber the illusion of what she presents. That hurt is her doing not mine.

Kali, also an avatar of Devi. As you can see, Kali is standing on Lord Shiva. This is a symbol that means that Kali is invincible. Kali is the Goddess of time, change, power and destruction. People who use black magic mostly own a Kali statue.

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