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Is your hectic work schedule making you feel tired and exhausted? Practice oil pulling with GuruNanda Natural energy enhancer oil. It will not only boost your mind but will also energize your body and help you de-stress.

Introducing the first product made to cater to the many women trading Listerine for coconut oil.Oil-pulling products are headed to the drugstore

There are many benefits of coconut oil includes skin, oral health, heart problem etc. http://www.slideboom.com/presentations/1313519/Health-Benefits-of-Coconut-Oil

There are many benefits of coconut oil includes skin, oral health, heart problem etc.

Acne has been the most common problem faced by people since many years. Coconut oil is a vital natural oil for acne removal. There are many benefits of Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil pulling an effective way to keep your body free from Unw…

Apart from oral health, Oil pulling is very beneficial to cure a variety of conditions like migraine, hormonal imbalance, gastroenteritis,  eczema, insomnia, and other allergies and skin-related troubles.

Now oil pulling is easier than ever with this premade, organic oil by GuruNanda!

Oil Pulling is a natural remedy which help to improve the oral health and detoxification the body.

Few Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

Among all the home remedies available today for self-healing, oil pulling is the easiest, cost-effective and highly effective remedy for a number of reasons. It is not only beneficiary in enhancing oral health but also improves your overall health. This is why oil pulling has garnered much attention in recent times.

Oil Pulling - Safe, Simple and Effective Home Remedy For Your Health (with image) · PiyushVerma

oil pulling therapy involves the use of different types of natural oil to remove the harmful bacteria and fungal overgrowth. It improves dental health like eliminates bleeding of gums, Reduces dryness of the lips, mouth as well as throat etc.

Oil pulling is a ayurvedic remedy for oral health that dates as much as about years back. This therapy involves use of distnict type.

GuruNanda Pulling Oil made of natural oils helps to improve the oral health and remove the toxins of the body.

GuruNanda is an Aromatherapy Shop for Natural Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Roll On Oils, Oil Pulling, and Essential Oil Diffusers.