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watercolor painting of flowers in a vase
douceur - les chosettes
a drawing of flowers and plants on a white background
la fleur corail - les chosettes
n'était qu'un rêve, mais tous les moyens sont bons pour retenir encore un peu l'été. ///
a drawing of a girl with flowers on her head
mon p'tit monde illustré
mon p'tit monde illustré
watercolor painting of blue and green flowers with the letter o on it's side
aquarelle - les chosettes
aquarelle : Tous les messages sur aquarelle - Page 3 - les chosettes
three blue flowers are shown in this drawing
bleu - les chosettes
a birthday card with an image of a bird holding balloons
les chosettes
Cecile hudrisier
an illustration of flowers with butterflies flying around them on a white background and the words,'i love you so much'written below it
a drawing of flowers with leaves and berries on the stems in pink, blue and red colors
Cécile Hudrisier
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Cécile Hudrisier
an instagram page with watercolor paintings on it and the words energiater
18 Simple and Beginner-Friendly Watercolor Ideas
Watercolors are said to be the hardest art medium. Sure, painting with watercolors is demanding and requires a lot of practice, but isn't that with all art media? With good will, you can master this beautiful art medium. And if you want to decorate your plain walls, it would be great to enhance them with your own artwork! Here are some amazing watercolor painting ideas that are great references you could start with.
a card with watercolor flowers on it
der kleine klecks
der kleine klecks Frühling und Aquarell Blumenkarte - flower card Gansai Tambi 36er Farbkasten Blumenstempel - Sketched Blooms - My Favorite Things #hierundjetzt aus dem Klartext-Stempelset "Hashtag" von danipeuss
a greeting card with blue flowers on it
Simply One of a Kind
Simply One Of A Kind
a watercolor painting of pink and yellow flowers
Watercolor flowers
a painting with watercolors and paintbrushes sitting on top of a table
Yao Cheng--love this artist's style!