There is continual discussion about the Subdomain and Subdirectory and it takes you in the discussion is that which is best for Search engine Optimization

It is hard to know a new blogger about SEO furthermore they don't have any idea about the subject they will understand all about SEO through the year of experience and learning from others.

Your Website is not Index or Crawl by Google then You should check the entire website and You should Clear the problem and make index your site in Google

Default Joomla SEO Tool is enough for clean URL structure is very important for search engine as well as It should be readable to any visitor and crawlers

Social Media sites has formed their own meta tag name to interact with any website so convenient of the social meta tag gaining popularity among the website

The robots meta tag has been necessary for a website so understanding the fundamental of robots meta tag in detail and Know to configure the robots meta tag

Blogger is comprised a lot of SEO feature which was not possible in previous version, Right now blogger has improved the SEO Features can use to rank well

Quality backlinks are important to blogs furthermore it brings traffic to your website so that every blogger likes to get quality backlink. When your blog gets more backlinks the blog receives a positive rank at the same time if your blog gets spam backlinks or unnatural links gives negative rank

Search Engine starts to crawl some content which was not possible by early days by the Search Engine.So that the relevance of the result getting accurate

Sending mail from different mail address is possible in Gmail, can send mail to someone by changing the sender mail address from your primary mail address

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