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ARCHAEOLOGICAL-REVIVAL PENDANT-BROOCH AND PENDANT-EARRINGS, EUGÈNE FONTENAY, The pendant-brooch centered by a pear-shaped enamel plaque featuring the Greek goddess Artemis framed by gold granulation and twisted gold wire, with a square-shaped cluster of granulation above and below, bearing a plaque with her name in Greek letters, suspending a gold fringe; the earrings of similar design, decorated with pear-shaped enamels featuring Erotes, one with a bow, the other with an arrow, circa 1870.

"Central Asia or Iran | Pectoral Ornament | late 19th–early 20th century | Silver, fire-gilded and chased, with decorative wire, openwork, cabochon carnelians, wire chains, and bells." Metropolitan Museum in New York BUT the Wolf collection and the book have been severely criticised by several connoisseurs ~

Earrings ~ Iran | 20 ct gold and turquoise | This type of earrings which can be found also in Afghanistan is often wrongly attributed to the Kazakh people.