Art quilts - Sabi Westoby

I have been making my own fabrics using paintsticks and creating abstract landscape patterns. I made a series of small wall hangings using this technique and on some of these pieces I.

Pink chicken - framed freestyle machine embroidery £13.00

Freestyle machine embroidery is done with a sewing machine but the ‘feed dogs’ (or teeth that move the fabric through the machine) are lowered so the fabric can be moved freely in any direction. This allows the machine to be used to ‘sketch’ the stitch.

Fishing boats,Appliqué picture by Lucy levenson

Fishing boats,Appliqué picture by Lucy Levenson. Good inspiration source for young students on how to build layers.

Raw Edge Applique Mini Quilt

Boy Flying Kite Mini Quilt (Use tutorial for Girl on a Tree Swing). Here the background is appliqued as well, but would like to see a pieced background with applique.

Lucy Levenson |

OUT OF STOCK - MORE DUE IN SOON Colourful card, blank inside to add your own message. Size x with white envelope, in cellophane wrapper  

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