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Apple cinnamon Tea
Apple cinnamon Tea. Recipe by @healthymoodsf
Lime Cello! (We do not own the rights to this content.)
Lemon or Lime, Love both cello. Nonna, ti amo! 👩🏻‍🍳 Lime-cello original and cream, ◉ Ingredients For clean lime skins • Hot water • Ice water 1 tbsp baking soda For lime-cello • 10-12 limes peels 750ml 95% Alcohol (Everclear Grain Alchohol 95%) For syrup • 750ml water + 265g sugar (for original) 750ml milk + 265g sugar (for cream ver.) 🤌 Tips : • 1. Add lime peels to alcohol and age in a dark and cool place for 3 weeks. • 2. Make simple syrup and cream syrup and cool completely. • 3. Divide 750ml of aged lime alcohol in half and pour each. 4. keep chilled (freezer) and drink it. Salute! #limecello #limoncello #lime #limeliquor #liquor #homemadedrink #fyp
30min · 10 servings 🍮INGREDIENTES 🥭 • -500 gr mango ya limpio y troceado • -200 ml leche de coco • -200 gr de leche condensada • -600 ml leche semidesnatada • -12 gr de gelatina en polvo(8 láminas) • -50 gr de coco rallado deshidratado • -salsa de caramelo