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Ahead of the big event, Pokemon GO confirms that the mobile game's January Totodile Community Day exclusive move is the powerful water-type attack Hydro Cannon. Pokemon Go, Water Type Pokemon, Pokemon Tcg Cards, Pikachu, Pokemon Stuff, Pokemon Mobile Game, Pokemon Starters, Moon Missions, Catch Em All

We Know Which Starter Pokémon You Chose

Did you follow your heart, or think about who'd be the best against the first gym?

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15 Pokemon GIFs That True Fans Will Love - Pokemon Memes and Funny Pics - Pokestache Gif Pokemon, Pokemon Memes, Play Pokemon, Cute Pokemon, Pokemon Rayquaza, Pikachu Pikachu, Geeks, 3 Gif, Your Spirit Animal

16 Signs That You Relate To Pikachu So Hard

You wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!

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32 Reasons Misty From "Pokémon" Is The Very Best

Unlike Ash, she's like no one ever was.

She tries to hide her feelings for Ash. 32 Reasons Misty From "Pokémon" Is The Very Best Gif Pokemon, Pokemon People, Pokemon Ships, Pokemon Memes, Cute Pokemon, Pokemon Stuff, Pokemon Ash And Misty, Manga Anime, Doraemon Wallpapers

32 Reasons Misty From "Pokémon" Is The Very Best

Unlike Ash, she's like no one ever was.