Calendrier de l'Avent 2014

Tuto — Calendrier de l'Avent 2014

But maybe with a stick wrapped in sparkly lights instead of a coat hanger.

Make a unique advent calendar out of paper pyramid pouches in a bowl. Fill the pouches with candy, toys, notes -- whatever you want -- and let your kids pick one each day!

Paper Pyramid Advent Calendar

For me, the best advent calendars include a little treat every day. Which is why I am totally in love with this paper pyramid advent calendar.

Homemade Advent Calendar, Dom�c� Adventn� kalend�%u0159

Craft a Christmas advent calendar one that will become a real treasure in the years to come. Use one of our Fun Christmas Crafts With 50 Great Homemade Advent Calendars Ideas and have some fun.

Maus-am-Faden Adventskalender mit 24 Säckchen & Wunschname Produktbeschreibung Individueller Adventskalender mit Wunschname: Fröhliches 3D-Weihnachtsbild, versehen mit Elch, Sternen und Tannenbaum, sowie einer Wäscheleine, an der der Name des Kindes baumelt. 24 Säckchen wart

Merry Christmas Advent Calendar with moose, stars and Christmas tree, as well as a clothesline on which the name of the child dangles.

Coffee-cup advent calendar

Fishly News: Advent calendar. Cups covered in scrapbook paper - really cute…

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Adventskalender No. 13 - Zeitungspapier & Masking Tapes I adventcalender I Casa di Falcone

Adventskalender No. 13 - Zeitungspapier & Masking Tapes

So many cool ideas! 24 Creative Homemade Advent Calendars still searching for a creative advent calendar for our family. Some really great ideas here. I better get on it!

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DIY Little Gift Rack made from a simple piece of 1 x 4 or 6 inch wood and clothes pins painted white. Would lbe perfect for the Days of Christmas" or Advent Itry to do this every year with my kids!