Corn Popper #80s

Fisher-Price Corn Popper Push Toy Since kids haven't been able to resist the popping action of this push toy. Balls strike the inside of the plastic dome when Corn Popper is pushed along.

Golden Gum!!

Vintage school glue bottle ~ the slit would open when you pressed down on the top.

Banana Clips - I wore these on the side of my head.

I always had too much hair and they would never clip. I was so jealous of girls with thin hair who could rock the banana clip.

Vintage Retro 80s 90s Troll Doll Collectible Toy

Vintage Retro Troll Doll Collectible Toy They remind me of my childhood😝

Oh my gosh!  These are the same as my first every pair of roller skates!!!!!

1970's Collectable / Antique Children's Roller Skates

Partington - we played on the square at the bottom of the road all summer and when the sun shone we would roller skate to school.

Avon Sweet Honesty.

Avon Sweet Honesty---this and Love's Baby Soft were most teenage girls' perfume of choice the at least among the girls I knew. (I loved and had them both.) Must have perfume, the best

My most favorite thing as a kid...

I cannot tell you how much time I spent with my Fashion Plates! Loved this! Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the and Fashion Plates

Gold Rush Bubble Gum

Cowboy Birthday Party: Gold Nugget Gum Bring out the gold and hand them out to the cowboys and cowgirls. Western Gold Nugget Gum Candies are presented

Bath Oil Beads.  When Mama would put one of these in my bath water, you couldn't tell me nothin'!!

Do you remember bath beads? They were so pretty but they made the tub SO slippery.recently I looked everywhere for these but now they have bath bombs

Vintage Tupperware Pastel Dessert Cereal Bowls Set

Vintage Tupperware Pastel Dessert Cereal Bowls Set - Grandma smith had these and the super cool cups

Vintage 1984 Fisher Price Toy Toy House 80s by vintageatmosphere, $15.99

Random: Vintage 1984 Fisher Price Toy Toy House by vintageatmosphere. I had this as a kid! brings back memories!

Over 600 retro sweets available from !

Toffos were chewy toffee sweets that came in several versions. A standard toffee flavoured version, assorted mixed flavours and a mint one. The mixed pack contained banana, chocolate, strawberry and toffee.


Light Up Kinetic Wheel

Light Up Kinetic Wheel: Only from Toyday Toyshop. An updated version of a classic kinetic wheel toy from the