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Things to do and see in Slovenia's capital: sites, attractions, coffee shops, and restaurants

An unexpected invitation from a traveler-turned-tour operator led to a fun dinner party in Ljubljana and a chance to sample homemade Slovenian cuisine.

Loaded with shredded  turnip, steamed and pan fried until crispy golden brown, this turnip cake is a delicious savory delight!

Turnip Cake (Lo Bak Gou) - Loaded with shredded turnip, steamed and pan fried until crispy golden brown. Garnished with fresh cilantro and served with soy sauce and chilli. A delicious savory delight!

The greatest day of my life was the day I decided to get Garcinia Cambogia :) Read this article, it really worked!

A reminder that a lower weight is not the goal! Muscle weighs more than fat and LOOKS 10 times better. This is why we shouldn’t obsess if our weight stays the same for a bit when we are training hard. Now to start training hard. or just training :)