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Like playing football? Well, we understand how much you love the game. Here is a dedicated t-shirt for all you players. Call it funny, funky, crazy or weird, this tee is sure to get heads turning. Wear it with an attitude that matches your love for football!

‘Basanti in kutton ke saamne mat naachna' is one of Bollywood's most memorable movie dialogue from the cult movie Sholay. This Bollywood t-shirt is one of the coolest t-shirts designed and any two people standing next to you will become the ‘kutte’. Pick this and have fun.

Everybody wants to go fast drive fast, reach that ladder fast and you think we will write stories only to communicate which can be done in just great one line. We want everything at a go and aint want any stupidity so will you? Some what insanity is acceptable - our mad world is set to get everything at one go so let that insanity reflect on your t-shirt. Get this exciting nonsense t-shirt which tells your friends how serious you are.