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Glitch Typography on Typography Served

Glitch Typography by Craig Ward. Craig Ward has taken various examples of typography and intentionally corrupted the digital file to see how it would affect the type-setting.

Voila la nouvelle selection mensuelle de publicités designs et créatives. Comme chaque mois, je fais un petit mix de ce que je trouve graphiquement interes

This Absolut Fashion Week ad promotes the vodka brand's sponsorship of New Zealand Fashion Week in a fun, industry-appropriate way. The print ad shows the interior of a design studio, complete with patterns, scissors, spools of thread and a tape measu

Coca-Cola: Cokesanta #ad #print #ooh

Coke ads like these are playing into the Christmas Culture. Santa claus was originally shown as a large man with rosey cheeks by the Coca Cola company and they have kept the tradition since then as the the idea was accepted into pop culture.