Savvy Dalmia

Savvy Dalmia
I love reading, and Harry Potter is my life. I also love a good laugh.
Savvy Dalmia
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Tornado in a jar

This tornado in a jar would be a great visual for a science lesson. It is easy to make and interactive. The students can shake the jar in a circle to get the tornado formation and see its shape and how it moves. Adding "Elijah" to the jar?

DIY fun crayons

pre-heat the oven to put broken crayon pieces in a mini cupcake mold (either use paper cups or spray mold with vegetable oil). "cook" mold for about 10 minutes; they melt very fast. remove from the oven and let cool completely.

Toy Swap Can be a board game swap as well. All items are to be examined by organisers first so as to ensure they're fit to be exchanged.

Toy Swap - Invite kids to come over with toys (in good condition) that they no longer want. Then, let them draw numbers to see who gets to pick a "new" toy first.

Ron and Hermione are the perfect couple.

I'm Hermione Jean Granger, looking for my Ronald Bilius Weasley.