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Kynance Cove

This is Kynance Cove in Cornwall... went here many times when I was little. It would be lovely to go back.

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The Men-an-Tol is a legendary holed stone on sweeping moorland in Penwith. It is said if you crawl through the middle you will emerge in a new reality, and over the years many have squeezed through it in hope of curing ailments. The Men-an-Tol might be an ancient tomb, as in Cornwall holed stones were often placed at the entrance to burial chambers.

Men-an-Tol, Morvah - West Cornwall is an area riddled with prehistoric evidence, from stone circles, settlements, inscribed rocks, and this famous holed stone that is thought to possess healing powers.

Great little beach at Ready Money Cove, Fowey. And there's usually a nice little ice cream van there.