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#Volkswagen #Beetle: a car that symbolizes that an earnest simple beginning can really evolve into a cult. The Beetle of yesteryear's might not have had the British flair, nor the Italian Passion, but its honest, simple approach for providing the commoners with a mobility solution, has laid the foundation for an empire like Volkswagen. One that today has the best of British and Italian car brands under its umbrella. Here's our honest ode to this simplicity of the Beetle. #Car #PowerDrift

PowerDrift Blockbuster 5 : #SimplyBeetle (Volkswagen Beetle)

Designed to give Goosebumps, the #Ducati #Diavel is a motorcycle like nothing else. A Sportsbike that thinks itself to be a cruiser, or may be a Cruiser that can carry the Dark Lords name and yet, comfort you into a Confession. May the force be with you. Remember to Share the vibes ahead! #Blockbuster #Bike #PowerDrift

PowerDrift Blockbuster 4 : The Devil Breathes (Ducati Diavel)

In the latest edition of #PowerDrift blockbuster, TenHut goes discovering the #Audi #A8, tries living the fame, falters, yet discovers how fortunate it is to be an automotive enthusiast. No matter what you ride or drive, let the goodness prevail, and don't let the #Power corrupt you. Remember to like & share the video ahead!

PowerDrift Blockbuster 3 : Fortun8 (Audi A8 L)

India's Urban #SUV, the 'Vaddi Gaddi - 2015 #Mahindra XUV 500'. #XUV500 #Automotive #PowerDrift

PowerDrift Blockbuster 1 : Vaddi Gaddi (Mahindra XUV 500)

In this months #Blockbuster, we bring you #Dhoom 4, well not really but a legend. A legend so revered that its name is an apt substitute to the word Speed in the world of Motoring. The Suzuki Hayabusa, or the Bewza as some would remember it. A Hyperbike that you can either love or hate, but chances are that during some point in your life you have secretly imagined yourself on one in all its glory. #Suzuki #Hayabusa #PowerDrift

PowerDrift Blockbuster 2 : The Dhoom bike (Suzuki Hayabusa)