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Morning Yoga routine
The reason why you feel stiff, old, and prone to injury... It's a combination of your sedentary lifestyle and the way you train. Conventional exercise utilize limited ranges of motions, repetitive patterns and linear movements. You become stiff and your joint health get worse. Through yoga training we can mitigate these issues. You don't have to surrender t your pain and dysfunction. Just change your approach. Start doing yoga with me. Click the Visit button to know more.
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Shiva Linga Mudra
The Body Lab Method
Tired of experiencing knee pain? You might be surprised to know this, but knee pain can actually be caused by weakness in your ankles and hips. With these simple exercises, you'll be able to target and strengthen these joints, providing more support to your lower body. Not only will it help you improve movement, but it will also decrease the strain and tension put on your knees, helping to alleviate pain. Ready to give it a go? Try this sequence out for 14 days and let us know how you feel! ✨
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How to Connect To Goddess Kali - Alana Fairchild
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Deep core pelvic floor exercise like this. Help you to lose weight fast. #weight lose # workout
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