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Variegated lines on kumkum red #Tussar silk create a textured effect across the body of this sari. The lower half is sprinkled with green and yellow lotus motifs, symbolizing purity and divinity. The border is a trim of a #zari stripe and striped border. The pallu is ablaze with stripes in auspicious colours of kumkum, mehandi and haldi. A lovely peach blouse with stripes adds the final touch of class. Code 280511115.


Arakku red #silk comes alive with a sprinkle of gold buttis and is teamed with a resplendent marigold orange border. Slender purple, bottle green and gold stripes add finesse to the border. The rich red pallu boasts of wide gold stripes, slender red stripes and slivered violet trims to create a rhapsody in silk. An Arrakku red blouse with running border adds the final touch of charm to this handwoven creation from #Sarangi. For saris in this exotic colour, visit Sarangi. Code 580125959.


The sheen of arakku red #silk is enhanced with rows of inverted paisleys in gold all across the body of this handwoven #Kanjivaram. The gold border is inspired by the arrow pattern in different sizes. The sari appears to be a sea of molten gold with flashes of fiery maroon. The blazing arakku red pallu is a dazzling extravaganza, woven with geometric patterns in gold. For saris in this exotic colour, visit Sarangi. Code 390124089.


Bridal red #silk is speckled with star-spangled gold buttis to create a magical sheen on this stunning sari. The gold border displays an intricate geometric pattern and is trimmed with a single line in bottle green. Paisleys and peacocks woven in gold on the sunburst golden mustard pallu add a mystical aura. Small inverted paisleys motifs highlight the golden mustard blouse.This Sarangi #Kanjivaram could well be the bride’s pride. For saris in this exotic colour, visit Sarangi. Code…


A refreshing vermillion orange #sari with a striking #Bavanji border in warm gold colour. The inner edge of the border is embellished with a row of tiny temples. Complete with a running blouse. Code 400508983.

Majestic gold elephants strut in alternate squares, against the backdrop of a deep blue sky. Rani pink and gold checks add lustre to this azure blue #sari, whilst the rani pink, gold and orange border adds a hint of opulence. The vibrant pink pallu is a shimmer of gold with rudraksh, annams and yali motifs. A hot pink blouse with running border completes the look of this #Sarangi Kanjivaram. For such beautiful blues, visit Sarangi. Code 580125592.

Gabled vertical stripes in golden mustard and maroon create delicious ripples in #silk across the body of this timeless #Kanjivaram. Floral and peacock silhouettes in gold embellish the shimmering and wide border on either side. The russet terracotta pallu comes alive with the glimmer of gold stripes and peacocks woven in zari. For saris in this exotic colour, visit Sarangi. Code 120124641.

The midnight blue and bottle green colours of this handwoven #silk #sari simply spell elegance. Slivers of gold create geometric precision on the body with small checks, complementing the gold border woven in a diamond pattern. The rich pallu exudes mystical blue-green hues and is emblazoned with the traditional yali, paisley and peacock motifs. For Kanjivarams in this alluring green, visit Sarangi. Code .120124306.

The refreshing plain aquamarine #silk body comes with an unusual dual border: a thick slice of burnished copper-green flows like a rivulet of murky waters atop the moss green embankment with precise gold checks and pebble-sized rudraksh motifs. The pallu is a riot of colours with moss green checks framing burnished copper stripes and azure blue. For #Kanjivarams in this alluring green, visit Sarangi. Code 180124560.

Here is a stunning and smart #Muga Silk from Padma Paaduka. Its steel grey body emits the lustrous sheen of #silk while the red and gold stripes on the border add a rich touch. Complete with a running blouse in the same colour. Code 060505640.