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You can always find me, when you feel lost in darkness.for I am the Light.

The Love. Shiva/Shakti.  Yang and Yin, the static and the dynamic, consciousness and Kundalini.

"The universe is in fact the constantly reborn “child” of the lovemaking of the “Father” and “Mother,” Shiva and Shakti, who at all moments dance in and.

14.Sri Krishna (c. BC) – Spiritual Teacher of Hinduism

"You are the original lamp.Other incarnations may possess the same candle power as the original lamp but the original lamp is the beginning of all light" Lord Brahma, in "Prayers Offered by Lord Brahma to Lord Krsna," KRSNA BOOK,


krishnaart: “GOVINDA Artist: Mahendra Dubey Sukadeva Goswami said: “The great personality Brahma, with great attention and concentration of the mind, studied the Vedas three times, and after.

Lord shiva

Which Chakra Are You Guided By?

I love this pic of Rudra by Svaroop Roy form Deviant Art. It really epitomises his nature, especially the blue throat, Nila Kantha.