More ideas from pragya
This should be the organized collage we try to go for next year

instead of collage Layout and Design - link takes you to a The triangle thing is pretty cool, though and creates a patchwork/geometric look that might be fun.

YTO DESIGN CONTEST 1ST PLACE // Adviser - Ace Horton, BentonVille High School [AR] #Jostens #DesignContest2014

Something like this as opening page with realitive colors and themes Jordan Calvin- I like the way they used the picture

hamilton christian school yearbook 15

This is a yearbook people!my school yearbook was terrible. Love the use of angular shapes and colorful pictures. Hamilton Christian School Yearbook - 2011 (Designer: Daniel Nelson for From Up North graphic design)

I like the use of contrast the designer used alternating a white and black background between pages

Designing across the fold, specifically no. 3 is cool. But, it might be difficult for tablet format. --- Frankie - I love this layout, its a great, detailed black and white set up without loosing the texture of the content!

Baby Chickadee Print of Original watercolor painting, 5x7 inches, Chickadee art

Baby Chickadee Print of Original watercolor painting, inches, Chickadee art Little bird / sweet / cute